Discovering Everything About the ViewSonic PA503S-3600 Lumens Projector

Getting a projector is dependent on several factors. Some of which are exclusively pertaining to the different and varied uses that we wish to use it for. While some projectors work best for fulfilling our dreams of watching movies in a home theater, other projectors are bought for professional and academic uses. Projectors can also be selected based on their portability ability for people always on the go.

Discovering Everything About the ViewSonic PA503S-3600 Lumens Projector

The Viewsonic PA503S-3600 Lumens Projector falls into the category that is best suited for professional purposes. While digital media is now being used in schools and other educational institutions, projectors were initially highly popular in offices. 

Projectors can easily display the content that is being discussed in the meeting, encompassing the agenda into attractive displays that are shown across the screen to the room.

The Viewsonic brand is well-known among projector brands. Producing quality projectors that have worked efficiently with stellar foundational functions and features, this article will be breaking down the Viewsonic projector model of PA503S, which in our opinion, is a seamless fit for your conference room!


All About the Viewsonic PA503S-3600 Lumens Projector

While shopping around for the best business projector, these projectors do not come with great contrast ratios out of the box. The ViewSonic PA503S, on the other hand, is not like other projectors because it is capable of displaying a high contrast ratio even at very high brightness ranges. Additionally, other aspects are satisfactory to the point where we feel confident in recommending this projector.

Whatever you have planned for the evening, whether it be a game night with friends or a movie night, the Viewsonic series has you covered. Though predominantly used for business or in a work environment, the ViewSonic PA503S projector can also be used in the context of your home needs.

The ViewSonic PA503S projectors deliver an immersive cinematic experience right in the comfort of your own home with their wide-screen projection. This projector’s output of 3,600 lumens and its high contrast ratio allows it to produce images that are bright and clear in virtually any environment. Images are rendered perfectly smooth by this projector almost immediately. Its exceptionally low input latency of 16 milliseconds enables faster frame-by-frame action to be carried out.

When using the SuperEco mode, the brightness of the projection can be decreased by up to 70%; conversely, the light life can be increased by up to 15,000 hours. The vertical keystone correction (+/- 40°) helps remove crooked and warped images, which is helpful for maintaining proportions that are always accurate.

This projector is ideal for connecting to any device that is enabled with HDMI, and because it is equipped with the most recent standard for HDMI, it can display 3D images directly from 3D Blu-ray players. Another advantage of this projector is that it can display 2D images from any HDMI-enabled device. The best feature is undoubtedly ViewSonic’s superior customer service and the best warranty in the industry.

  • Portable
  • Long battery life
  • Clear Image
  • Good Brightness
  • USB Type C charging
  • Easy to use
  • Noisy fan
  • Short Throw Distance


The resolution of this SVGA projector is full HD (1080p), which contributes to its 3600 lumens. The PA503S projector utilizes a lamp that has a lifespan of 15000 hours as its primary source of illumination. And ViewSonic’s proprietary SuperColor technology helps alleviate the colors to make them “pop” on display, which is a term that describes how vibrant the colors appear.

Viewing Angle

The ViewSonic PA503S truly exceeds the level of adjustability that is possible for a product of its price point. Adjustability for the keystone angle is only available in the vertical plane. There is no feature that allows for the adjustment of the sideways horizontal position. There is a metallic zooming slider on top that has a very premium feeling to it, and it can be used to adjust both the image size and the throw distance. However, due to the fact that it only has a 1.1x optical zoom lens, it is not really very useful. The Epson EX7240 has a zoom adjustment system that is significantly more advanced.

Problems Faced and Respective Solutions

The ViewSonic PA503S is an excellent option for you to consider purchasing if you run a small to medium-sized company and require a projector for giving presentations in rooms with limited space. Even though the SVGA resolution of 800 by 600 is lower than the full HD resolution of 1080p, it is sufficient for displaying vivid images, reports, and spreadsheets on a wall or projection screen. In addition to having a good amount of inputs, it is also very well lit and simple to operate.


Item model number‎PA503S
Hardware Interface‎VGA, Serial Interface, HDMI
Resolution‎Full HD 1080p
Mounting Hardware‎Power Cord: 1, VGA cable: 1, QSG & CD: QSG: 1 / CD: NA, Remote Control: 1
Number Of Items‎5
Standing screen display size‎100 Inches
Colour Screen‎No
Image Aspect Ratio‎16:9
Image Contrast Ratio‎22000:1
Optical Zoom‎1.1 x
Aspect Ratio‎16:10
Screen Resolution‎800 x 600
Horizontal Resolution‎800 Pixels
Max Vertical Resolution‎600 Pixels
Noise Level‎27 dB
Voltage‎110.22 Volts
Wattage‎260 Watts
Power Source‎Battery Powered

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we watch movies in a 16:9 aspect ratio?

Yes, PA503S Supports a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Does it support 4K movies through an android box?


How to connect an Android phone to the projector?

You may connect a wifi dongle that supports the same cost of the same is approx 1000

Can I connect Bluetooth & wifi to this projector?

Bluetooth not applicable; with Wifi dongle wifi can connect

Final Thoughts

The ViewSonic PA503S is an affordable and dependable projector that is capable of supporting large displays at an exceptionally high lumen count for its price point. In addition to this, it keeps a good contrast ratio at the same time, making it one of the easiest projectors to recommend for use in an office setting. Also, look out for our list of projectors for best office Android projectors!

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