using a projector in daylight- 101

How to use a projector in daylight?

Is it possible to use a projector in daylight? Yes, it is very much possible. However, using a projector during daylight or outside is a whole lot different from using it in a cold dark room. You have to consider a lot of different factors while setting up a projector outside. It’s a lot of work to set up a projector for daytime projection. But worry not as we have your back. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about daytime projector setup and use. So let’s get started.


How to set up a projector outside during daylight?

Along with a lot of light, there are a lot of other factors such as the weather, location, screen, quality, etc. To take care of while you’re setting up a projector outside. It is different From nighttime because unlike at night there is a lot of Ambient light during the day. This brings about many challenges in the successful installation and working of a projector. Let’s discuss some of these factors.

Check the weather 

This is one of the most important and deciding factors whether you can set up a projector outside or not. If the weather conditions are not good in your area it’s advised to stop your plans about the projector. The weather conditions are different for different places so you must check the weather forecast for your region before making any plans such as setting up a projector in the open. Make sure it’s sunny outside, but avoid the scorching summer heat. You can also go ahead in cloudy weather with no rain.

How to use a projector in daylight?

Projection timing

No matter what people say, do not try to fight with the sun. Avoid timings when the Sun is above your head because no matter what precautions you take at that time, the images projected will not be visible. Choose timings when the sun has cooled down a little. You can choose timings near dusk or dawn but avoid noons. During this time the ambient light and heat are so much that the projected image will not even be visible.

Good quality projector and projector screen 

The outdoor variables may differ depending on the conditions outside. But the quality of the projected images depends upon the projector and the projector screen. A basic project has a lumen output of about 2500 lumens. However, if you want to use a projector in daylight and want the best performance, you should have a projector with a lumen output of 5000-6000 lumens. This will provide you with better image quality during daytime projection.

The quality of the projector screen also plays a vital role. You should keep in mind the below-mentioned points regarding the projector screen

  • It should have a highly reflective surface or a viewing angle of 160°.
  • It should reflect at some angle
  • A white projector screen is always ideal in every situation 
  • You can also go for a gray projector screen to balance the black level.


While setting up your projector outside, keep the below-mentioned points in mind

  • The sunlight should not fall directly on the screen
  • Since the position of the sun keeps changing, make sure the screen is safe from the sun.
  • You can build a shaded location for the projector screen.

How to build a shaded location for Using projector in daylight?

It’s best to set up the projector under a shaded location during the daytime to prevent it from sun exposure. You can try different methods for this purpose. Some of them are listed below.


This is One of the easiest ways to create shade for the projector. A canopy is a tent that is shaped like a cone. This is a temporary shade. The canopy can either be covered from three sides or the top. You can cover the projector From all possible sides or only the top. It would be better if the projector screen is covered from all three sides, as there will be less Ambient light and a brighter and sharper image will be formed.

Projector Canopy

Back projection system 

In this type of projection, the projector is inside the shade and the rear projection is done. This method is useful in daytime projection as the projector is totally under a light-controlled area. You can buy a back projection system online or in stores. It usually takes up a lot of electricity. 


A sunshade is a natural and cheap method to shade the projector screen. This method is open From all sides as a sunshade is used. It could be the shade from your garage or the wall of your house. You can also set up the projector on your balcony and use a sunshade from there also.

Tips and tricks to make the projection brighter during the daytime?

  1. Clean the projector screen properly. Also, clean the projector lens for the same purpose as a clean surface reflecting more light.
  2. There are various modes available in the settings of the projector. The settings name varies in different projectors. If the eco/nature mode is on then switch it off.
  3. Increase the projector brightness.


In this article, we discussed all the aspects of using a projector during the daytime. We hope you find it useful and that your outdoor projection project goes according to your expectations. And to know how to use projectors in a dark wall, click here.

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