Breaking Down The Boss S3 LED HD Home Theater Projector

Buying any device can be really confusing.  

Fear not; if you have narrowed down your selection to a few projectors and the wonderful Boss S3 LED HD Home Theater Projector is one of them, then we’ve got you.

Breaking Down The Boss S3 LED HD Home Theater Projector

Projectors are an amazing way to elevate your viewing experience in a full 360-degree turnabout. In today’s digital age, projectors are used for everything from office meetings to college lectures and classroom presentations. Beyond the professional and educational spheres, projectors are now being acknowledged as a fantastic substitute for television. Why settle for forty-inch screens when a projector can give you a theater-like experience close to your home? Surely investing in a projector is a wiser move? Projectors have a multitude of uses. 

This article will be delving into everything you could ever want to know about the Boss S3 LED HD Home Theater Projector. 

We’re going to be exploring the pros, cons, and features of the Boss S3 LED HD Home Theater Projector. And why it might turn out to be the perfect fit for you!

Projectors are utilized for a wide range of purposes in the modern digital era, from business meetings to college lectures and classroom presentations. Projectors are now recognized outside of the business and academic worlds as a great television replacement.


The Boss S3 LED HD Home Theater Projector

A well-known brand that has everyone’s respect, Boss products are known for their quality workings. Known for their products that work seamlessly and in an effective and highly efficient manner, investing in a Boss projector can never be the wrong move.

Boss has several projectors that serve a multitude of purposes, and the Boss S3 LED HD Home Theater Projector, as the title suggests, is the preferred projector that is used when purchasing a projector for a pure theater-like experience that you would like to witness in the comfort of your home.

Home theaters may seem like an indulgence, but is the dream of every movie or cinema buff, and anyone who can appreciate the beauty of moving art. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that you are looking for the best of the lot. And the Boss S3 LED HD Home Theater Projector gives you just that. With features that are up and beyond for what the projector is priced, the Boss S3 LED HD Home Theater Projector has our vote if you plan on purchasing a projector!

Excellent image quality is provided by the projector’s 1920 x 1800 resolution and 1080P video capability. The utilization of LED luminous efficiency can be maximized at 3000 lumens with a 3000:1 contrast ratio. It could provide images that are sharper, more vividly colored, and more lifelike. Simply watch HD movies at home. Utilizing HDMI, VGA, AV, USB, and SD ports, connect your setup box, cable connection, laptop, computer, DVD player, Xbox, PlayStation, WiFi, and mobile devices. Download apps directly from the Google Play store. With mobile mirroring, you can use the Boss smart projector to accomplish anything you can do on your phone or laptop.


With brilliant features like a stellar quality of image, thanks to its high resolution and 1080P capability for displaying videos, the Boss S3 LED HD Home Theater Projector obviously serves very well when you want to load in a movie and relax backward.

And speaking of kicking back and playing a movie, this projector also allows you to directly download applications from the Google Play Store, making the whole process that much easier. Now all you have to do is agree on the movie you are watching or if you are watching it alone, figure out which one to see first!

This 3000-lumen projector offers the perfect brightness that is needed to watch the projector even during the day or at any time of the day that you might prefer. Who says you need a set time to watch the movie of your choice!

Connect your setup box, cable connection, laptop, computer, DVD player, Xbox, PlayStation, WiFi, and mobile devices with the HDMI, VGA, AV, USB, and SD connectors.

  • Well-reputed
  • Good sound quality
  • No dark spots
  • Heavy
  • Rudimentary Keystone Correction

Problems Faced and Respective Solutions

One of the key problems listed with this projector is its weight. A bit on the heavier side, the BOSS S3 LED HD Home Theater Projector cannot be moved from one location to the other. So we suggest that the projector be used in a place where you would seldom have to switch it up. Since the projector is primarily for home theater use, the weight of the projector should not have a detrimental effect on the purchase decision.

Manufacturer‎4K PROJECTOR
Model‎Without Android Connectivity
Model Name‎S3
Product Dimensions‎28 x 23 x 14 cm; 2 Kilograms
Item model number‎Without Android Connectivity
Hardware Interface‎3.5mm Audio
Resolution‎Full HD 1080p
Mounting Hardware‎Main Unit Projector, Power Adapter, Power Cable, Remote Control,Manual.
Number Of Items‎1
Display Technology‎LED
Image Contrast Ratio‎8000:1
Screen Resolution‎1920 x 1080
Resolution‎1080p Full HD
Wattage‎150 Watts
Power Source‎AC
Batteries Included‎No
Batteries Required‎No
Connector Type‎Not Smart
Form Factor‎Portable
Mounting Type‎Ceiling Mount, Wall Mount

Frequently Asked Questions

Describe its native resolution and also play store work for jio cinema or amazon prime video. What is the android version installed on this device?

Model S3 is not an Android projector; the variant S3A is an android projector (complete android, you can do whatever you can in an android device). Resolution: Full HD 1920X1080.

How many Lumens?

The projector has 3000 lumens.

Final Thoughts

The Boss S3 LED HD Home Theater Projector certainly serves its purpose and has our vote for purchase. As the name suggests, the projector works best in case of being used at home. Pick a cozy little space to rest the projector, and do not try shifting it often! Click here to check out our list of best home theater projectors!

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