Best Projectors Under 20000

Best Projectors Under 20000: Ultimate List of 2022

Projectors can be argued as the slightly better version of viewing things. In a digitalized world, everything starting from school presentations to college lectures and office meeting make use of projectors. Apart from a professional and educational point of view, projectors are also now increasingly being recognized as a stellar alternative to television. Why limit yourselves to forty-inch screens when getting a projector gives you a near-home-theatre feeling? Surely, buying a projector is the smarter choice?

Thanks to the twenty-first century, customers lack no number of choices, which is both a boon and a bane. While the plethora of options is certainly appreciable, it also makes it difficult to pick the best out of the lot.

And you are welcome since we’ve done that for you. We have a list of projectors that fall under the list of the best projectors that you can find in our market that is under 20000. Let’s dive into our list of the best projectors under 20000 in India.


List of Projectors under 20000

Bottom Line
HP CC200 Portable Projector
Best Portable Projector
Check Prices
Bottom Line
A quality projector that works efficiently. It is dynamic and can easily be used on the move.
Easy operations
Motorized precision adjustments
No wireless connectivity
Features no app
Boss S12 Full HD Home Theatre Projector
Best Home Theater Projector
Check Prices
Bottom Line
A well-known product that replicates sharp visual and audio content. The Boss S12 is an awarding-winning projector.
Good sound quality
No dark spots
Nothing we could find
BORSSO® Moon 7.1 HD Projector
Best Value Projector
Check Prices
Bottom Line
With BORSSO Moon 7.1 HD, comes with 1080p Native Full HD screen. It powers upto 8000 Lumens.
Outstanding color reproduction
Focus adjustment
Excellent construction and design
Bright colors
Little unclear
Low brightness

1. BORSSO® Moon 7.1 HD Wi-Fi YouTube, LED Projector Projector

Editor’s Choice
BORSSO® Moon 7.1 HD Projector

Another trademark brand that is trusted by Indians, the Borosso has been staking its claim in the world of electronics for a while now. The projector known as the Borsso Moon mounts to the ceiling. It has a 3000-lumen brightness.

  • Outstanding color reproduction
  • Focus adjustment
  • Excellent construction and design
  • Bright colors
  • Little unclear
  • Low brightness

It has HDMI, USB, and VGA connectors for multi-media devices. It is a projector that supports wifi and is full HD (1080P). The Borsso Moon has a built-in 5W speaker. Although the visual quality was best between 80 and 100 inches, I was able to stretch the image to 120 inches. It offers WiFi connectivity, a useful feature that many projectors in this price range lack. The Borsso Moon is a good fit and made to last.

  • Contrast ratio of 1500:1
  • Native resolution of 1280×800 and FHD support
  • 3000 Lumens Brightness
  • Up to 150-inches
  • 5W inbuilt speaker
  • Connectivity: 2xHDMI, USB, VGA, Audio Out, SD card slot, AV, WiFi

2. Zebronics Zeb-Pixa Play 15 Projector

Best Laser Projector
Zebronics Zeb-Pixa Play 15 Projector

The Zebronics Zeb-Pixa Play 15 projector is a fast-growing product that is quickly gaining recognition for its stellar features. The full 1080p Smart LED projector for the “Bring Home the Theater” experience with a maximum 457cm screen size. Experience ZEB-PIXAPLAY 15, the smart way, with WiFi / BT v5.1 connectivity support and Android 9.0 OS support.

  • 3400 Lumens Bright output
  • Quad Core Processor & 8GB built-in Storage
  • Multiple Connectivity
  • 30,000 Hours Lifelong LED Lamp
  • Cannot cast screen

A better and brighter picture with rich colors and more visual details is provided by 3400 Lumens. Wireless video and image streaming from your compatible smartphones, tablets, and laptops are supported through Miracast DLNA/Airplay. With the Android 9.0 OS support, you may download apps to give your projector setup additional intelligence and flexibility. For a variety of connecting options, the projector offers HDMI in, AV in, 2x USB, and AUX out (speaker). This projector allows you to watch movies that you pick for hours on end with a 1000:1 contrast ratio and 30,000H LED lifespan.

  • Brightness 3400 Lumen
  • Aspect Ratio ‎16:9
  • Hardware Interface ‎USB, HDMI
  • Screen Resolution ‎1920 x 1080 FHD
  • Resolution ‎Full HD 1080p
  • Image Contrast Ratio ‎1000:1
  • Batteries Required ‎No
  • Refresh Rate ‎60 Hz
  • Connector Type ‎Bluetooth

3. Egate K9 Pro-Max Android 9.0 Projector For Home

Best Android Projector
Egate K9 Pro-Max Android 9.0 Projector

A fan-favorite, the Egate K9 Pro-Max is an android projector that is well-suited for home purposes. The immersive display created by the Full HD Native (1080p) screen resolution and contrast ratio of 5000:1 through its most recent Horizontal IPS LCD ensures that good times will never end. A true digital joy, you may change the screen’s form, ratio, color, size, and much more with the click of a remote.

  • Wonderful image quality
  • Sleek exterior
  • Connect via USB, Bluetooth, WiFi, and HDMI.
  • Less bright

It is the only sub-20k projector on the market with a huge 210″ display capability and a high 540 ANSI on-screen brightness, offering the best that the projector industry has to offer in the segment. Horizontal IPS-PLS 1080p LCD – IPS LCDs, often known as “In-Plane Switching” LCDs, use parallel-aligned liquid crystals to generate vibrant colors. Equipped with minimal response time, zero input latency, a wide field of view, astounding color reproduction, consistency, and precision.

It also offers deeper black and dark images & brighter white in bright images for a stronger contrast ratio. Want to lie back and watch a movie? This is just the projector for you.

  • Image Brightness ‎5400
  • Image Contrast Ratio ‎3000:1
  • Aspect Ratio ‎16:9
  • Screen Resolution ‎1920 x 1080
  • Resolution ‎1080p Full HD Pixels
  • Hardware Interface Bluetooth, USB, HDMI
  • Mounting Type Tabletop Mount
  • Wattage 60 Watts

4. XElectron CL760 1080P Native Resolution LED Projector

Best Throw Distance
XElectron CL760 1080P Native Resolution LED Projector

One of the top projectors under 20,000 features good color quality for the budget, a big throw distance, and an integrated speaker. With one of the best “throw distances” in its price range, this projector is helpful if your room is small or if there isn’t enough room to put the projector’s screen in the middle of it. However, a 150-inch screen at a comfortable 8 to 15 feet away is optimal.

  • High brightness
  • Superior plastic body
  • Comes with a low-noise fan
  • Works well even in well-lit spaces 40-degree manual keystone correction 
  • Edges get unfocused

It includes a built-in speaker, but you’ll need to utilize external speakers if you want to use it to listen to media. The music is audible across the space, making it suitable for small office rooms. The display boasts deeper blacks and richer colors due to the great contrast ratio, making it perfect for watching movies. The great brightness allows for use even in well-lit areas, and the overall image quality is good.

  • Image Brightness ‎6800
  • Hardware Interface ‎Bluetooth, USB, HDMI
  • Resolution ‎4K
  • Compatible Devices ‎Firestick
  • Special Features ‎6800 Lumens, Speakers Built-In, 1080P Native Resolution, Real Full High Definition, 3d-Ready
  • Remote Control Description ‎IR
  • Display Technology ‎LED
  • Display Type ‎LCD

5. WZATCO W2 Pro Android 9.0 Projector

Best Picture
WZATCO W2 Pro Android 9.0 Projector

This projector from Wzatco is likewise a wise choice if you’re seeking a good one. It has excellent built-in support for Full HD resolution. The excellent contrast ratio displays deeper blacks and richer colors, making it ideal for watching movies. Despite the excellent overall image quality, the high brightness makes it usable even in well-lit environments. It has the best throw distance, up to 200 inches, enabling comfortable viewing in any space.

  • Good brightness
  • Manual Keystone Correction
  • Solid Build
  • Heats up very fast

It supports a brightness of 540 ANSI lumens. For enhanced projection experiences, it uses a 4-point keystone correction feature. Additionally, the projector supports Bluetooth and 2.4 WiFi networking. Users found the Android 9 operating system to be really quick and responsive. There is virtually no lag when viewing videos or similar videos. One of the greatest projectors under 20,000 in India, this model is overall well worth the price.

  • Brightness 5000 Lumen
  • BrightVis 4 point LED COB brightening technology and VibraColor image processing
  • Color Optimization and Edge Blending
  • 100%-60% Zoom function
  • 4G WiFi, Wireless Screen Mirroring.
  • Mounting Type Tabletop Mount
  • Controller Type Remote Control

6. Boss S12 Full HD Home Theatre Projector

Best Home Theatre Projector
Boss S12 Full HD Home Theatre Projector

The Ultra-HD projector from Boss, model S20A, offers clear, dynamic, and brilliant color images. The excellent playing of movies, videos, games, photographs, TV shows, and USB sticks is made possible by our very own Boss S12 Home Projector. This lightweight, the high-resolution projector delivers exceptional product performance and gives you a breathtaking movie experience on your screen.

  • Well-reputed
  • Good sound quality
  • No dark spots
  • None that we could find

The best visual experience is guaranteed by the most recent improved uniform illumination method because no dark region will show up on the edge of the screen. Unlike other outdoor projectors, the boss projector comes with built-in audio speakers that use the most recent technology to deliver 360° all-around sound effects. Whether installed on the ceiling or set up on a desk, the sleek projector delivers a high-end feel and a style that complements any interior design for a home or workplace. Enjoy really realistic colors and incredibly sharp visuals in your movies, TV shows, and video games.

  • Lumen 3000
  • Hardware Interface 3.5mm Audio
  • Mounting Type Tabletop Mount
  • Resolution ‎Full HD 1080p
  • Image Contrast Ratio ‎8000:1
  • Screen Resolution ‎1920 x 1080
  • Wattage ‎150 Watts

7. WANBO X1 Android 9 Projector

Best Wireless Projector
WANBO X1 Android 9 Projector

The WANBO X1 Android 9 Projector is ideal for you if you’re looking for the greatest projector under 20000 in India in 2022. It supports numerous streaming apps and runs Android 9.0. The greatest full HD projector under $20,000 is also this one. The Wanbo X1 projector is efficient and compatible with Android 9. It contains a feature for 4D keystone correction. It produces images of high quality.

  • Excellent image quality
  • Elegant exterior
  • Wireless projection
  • Complicated setup

A projection of up to 150 inches is possible. It can project images with up to FHD resolution, which results in excellent image quality. Excellent color reproduction with an 87% NTSC wide color range. The 4D Keystone correction function is supported. There are no color or contrast compromises in the enhanced text quality of the projection.

  • Image Brightness ‎350
  • Aspect Ratio ‎16:9
  • Hardware Interface ‎USB, HDMI
  • Resolution ‎Full HD 1080p
  • Mounting Hardware ‎User Manual, IR Remote, Warranty Card, X1 Pro Projector, Power Adaptor
  • Screen Resolution ‎1280 x 720
  • Power Source ‎Corded Electric

8. HP CC200 Portable Projector

Best Portable Projector
HP CC200 Portable Projector

A brand that resonates in the best possible way across our country, HP has earned its name fair and square. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that it bags one of the top spots on our list. The HP CC200 Portable Projector is sleek and modern and works well as a home projector. Its design allows it to be transported from home to office or college and back home with absolutely no difficulties.

  • Brand name
  • Portability
  • Motorized precision adjustments
  • Easy operations
  • Lacks an app
  • Does not include wireless connectivity

The HP CC200 Citizen Cinema Projector has excellent picture quality and is simple to use. It can also be used on walls that aren’t completely white because it was made to be utilized in a variety of circumstances! Users can connect their phones, computers, or tablets using a straightforward HDMI cable even if it isn’t wireless. The settings may be adjusted via the remote. A projector that fits the bill, the HP CC200 has our vote.

  • Brightness: 200 LED Lms
  • Display Technology: LCD
  • ResolutionFHD: (19201080) Light Source: LED Display Ratio: 16:9 Throw Ratio: 1.2 AV Platform: Optional HDMI TV Stick HDMI x 1 USB x 2 Speaker3W2
  • External Audio3.5mm Audio Out

Buying Guide


Before making a purchase, it is crucial to examine the projector’s brightness. Even though some projectors might have a number of unique characteristics, the brightness level might not be optimal. Lumens are units used to describe projector brightness. A minimum of 1500 lumens is required for home entertainment projectors where ambient light is kept to a minimum, while 2500 lumens are required for classrooms and meetings.


Lumens are units used to describe projector brightness. You require a minimum of 1500 lumens for home theatre projectors where ambient light is kept to a minimum. The finest projector for lecture halls, boardrooms, and rooms with windows has at least 2500 lumens.

Resolution and Picture Quality

These are important elements that should be taken into account when making a purchase. In contrast to a lower resolution, which provides a low quality, a greater resolution delivers superior visual quality. Based on the number of pixels that can be displayed in a given area, the resolution indicates how clear an image will be when projected. The consumer should research the resolution that is most compatible with the projector’s intended purpose.

Throw Distance

The throw distance of a projector is the separation between the projector and the picture on the screen (i.e., the distance that the image is “thrown”). Here, a little math is necessary. In order to have the finest experience, users are urged to carefully select the projector delivering their optimal throw.


Projector lamps often have a long life. However, it is still crucial to assess the projector’s and its individual component’s total lifespan.


This is a variable cost because the type of use and the amount of time consumed directly affect the power rate. Some projectors have a smaller power draw than their counterparts.


Projectors, like all items, are dependent on cost. Depending on the features you are looking for, you could go for a pricier or a moderately priced projector.


We have put together a list of some of the best available projectors in the market under 20000. We hope you can select the projector best suited to your home and office needs. The features, pros, cons, and features have been provided for your perusal.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the room size affect my choice of the projector?

It is difficult to determine the exact “optimal” distance between the audience sitting and the projector screen. Instead, it is recommended that seats be placed no closer than twice the projected image’s width and no farther than five times the image’s width (the furthest seat from the screen.)

2. What is the best position to place my projector in?

Positioning is also crucial; for the least amount of distortion, you should aim to have the projector level with the center of the screen. The projector should always be placed flat, but most models have adjustable feet to aid with leveling.

3. What is color technology?

An optical device known as a projector or image projector projects an image (or moving pictures) onto a surface, most frequently a projection screen. The majority of projectors produce images by passing light through a tiny transparent lens, although some more recent models project images directly utilizing lasers.

4. How is the projector brightness affected?

The room you are projecting in will influence how much brightness you require. Lumens are units used to describe projector brightness. A decent projector for a light-filled room should have a lumen rating of between 2000 and 3000. However, you should search for a projector with at least 4000 lumens if you are in a room with ambient light.

5. When installing the projector, do I need to change the interior design?

Use sandpaper, if necessary, to create a smooth and even surface on the wall. The wall should be clean, dry, and free of loose and flaking materials. We advise you to use masking tape and/or measuring tape to mark out the area you intend to paint.

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