The 5 Best projectors for streaming in India

The best method to create a dramatic and immersive home theater experience in your house or backyard is still using one of the top 4K projectors. The visual experience is enhanced when you have one of the best projectors for streaming in your living room. These technological 4K wonders pack much more impact while occupying much less room than a large TV, which constantly dominates your house and is much harder to store.

The 5 Best Projectors for Streaming in India

When a 4K projector and projection screen are used, a common image size will be 100 inches. However, some more expensive models may support even greater screen sizes while offering sufficient brightness. However, portable projectors are also an excellent choice as they provide even more size versatility, allowing you to project images as tiny as 40 inches if that’s all the space you have on your wall.


Factors to consider while selecting the best projectors for streaming

  • Source of light- A projector can’t provide a vivid image without adequate illumination. Even in a dark environment, the image will appear fuzzy and grainy if the illumination is poor. Look at the lumens rating to learn more about brightness and illumination. You can determine how much light a projector can produce by looking at its lumen rating. For home theater applications, 1,000 ANSI Lumens or more projectors are sufficiently bright.
  • Screen Resolution- The display resolution is a crucial factor. Projectors having a fixed number of pixels include both DLP and LCD models. Try to get a projector with high pixels if most of what you watch from a projector is HD. For DVDs, a pixel count of 1024768 is enough. A monitor must have 1280 x 720 pixels for 720p HDTV transmissions and 1920 x 1080 pixels for 1080i HDTV input signals.
  • Comparison Ratio- Brightness and contrast ratio go hand in hand. Contrast is essentially the ratio between an image’s black and white areas. High contrast ratios provide blacker, more intense blacks and whites. Your image will appear entirely faded even if your projector has a fantastic brightness rating but a poor contrast ratio. At least a contrast ratio of 1500:1 is recommended, but 2,000:1 or greater would be the best choice.
  • Reproduction of color- One further crucial thing to consider is color reproduction. Your projector to provide the finest results, it’s also crucial to consider how colors appear in the darkest and lightest areas of the image. Examine the projector’s color richness and natural tones.
  • Inputs– Always check to see if your projector has all the necessary inputs. The three most popular projector inputs are HDMI, VGA, and DVI. It is crucial to ensure a projector has all the input connectors required when looking for one.
  • Portability- Portability is crucial not just for moving and traveling but also for setting up and installing. If the projector is portable, you can view anything anywhere you choose, even on a simple white bedsheet.
  • Display Resolution- Display resolution, also known as pixel density, is crucial. Both LCD and DLP projectors have a certain quantity of pixels. Get the most genuine pixels possible if HDTV is what you watch most of the time (preferably 1920×1080). For DVDs, a natural pixel count of 1024×768 is enough. However, a display must have a pixel count of 1280×720 for 720p HDTV transmissions and 1920×1080 for 1080i HDTV input signals. Consider a projector with 1920×1080 actual pixels and the capacity to show the 1080p format if you have a Blu-ray Disc player. In addition to costing more, not all 4K projectors deliver the full benefits of 4K resolution. To make the best decision for a home entertainment setup, you must comprehend how 4K video projectors operate and how they are branded.
  • The screen- The screen screens’ materials, sizes, and costs vary. The projector, the viewing angle, the quantity of ambient light in the space, and the distance between the projector and the screen all affect the optimal screen. Consider a Short Throw projector, which can project enormous pictures from closer distances if you have a tiny space. There are numerous excellent projector screens available, which is ideal for you, depending on your requirements.

The list of the best Projectors for Streaming

1. AUN KP1 Full HD Projector for Home 4K Google Certified Android TV OS

Best Android Projector
AUN KP1 Full HD Projector for Home 4K Google Certified Android TV OS

Full HD LCD projector AUN KP1. The innovative KP1 flawlessly combines the projector and Android TV Stick KD5, allowing the device to function as a true full-HD projector. This technology is based on the most recent LCD technology with great brightness. This portable projector is equipped with the most recent Android TV 11.0 software. From the Store, you can download your preferred applications, like Netflix, YouTube, and more than 7,000 more.

  • Good picture quality
  • Satisfactory brightness
  • Keystone correction not supported
  • Unclear focus

With dedicated Netflix buttons that only need a single click, you can quickly and easily watch Netflix streaming on your TV. Powered by an Amlogic S805X2 processor that supports HDR10+ and 1080p AV1 video decoding. Voice Assistant built-in, With voice remote control support for the home environment, you can easily access entertainment and get information.

The built-in Chromecast allows you to cast music, photographs, and videos from your phone, tablet, or laptop to your TV with ease. Delivering family-friendly entertainment on a huge screen. Easy access to a never-ending supply of original material from the Android ecosystem, such as Disney+ and YouTube. Encourage regular OTA updates. Its small size makes it easy to conceal behind a user’s TV and portable for usage on the go.

Special Feature14000 Lumens High Brightness Native 1080p & 4K Support Android 11.0 1GB 8GB Builtin Apps & Install More 5G & 2.4G WiFi Bluetooth & HiFi Audio Mirror Screen Focus Keystone Big Screen 14000 Lumens High Brightness Native 1080p & 4K Support Android 11.0 1GB 8GB Builtin Apps & Install More 5G & 2.4G WiFi Bluetooth & HiFi Audio 
Connector TypeVGA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI
Screen Resolution1920 x 1080
Display Resolution Maximum
1080p Full HD Pixels

2. Epson Home Cinema 880 3-chip 3LCD 1080p Projector

Best Home Theater Projector
Epson Home Cinema 880 3-chip 3LCD 1080p Projector

This dynamic, adaptable projector offers a beautiful, larger-than-life viewing experience with real 3-chip, 3LCD technology, Best-in-Class Color Brightness, and quick data processing, whether you’re binge-watching your favorite TV program or watching the big game.

  • Great picture quality
  • Good brightness
  • Fan blows warmer than a projector with an LED lamp
  • Contrast ratio of 16k:1 does not meet HDR at 20k:1

Make your home theater better with cutting-edge projection. The Home Cinema 880 produces a stunning 1080p picture up to 320″ on almost any empty wall or screen thanks to its exclusive core technology. Additionally, you may stream games, movies, and other content immediately after turning on the projector, thanks to a built-in speaker and simple setup.

Connector TypeHDMI
Screen Resolution1920 x 1080
Display Resolution Maximum1920 x 1080
Display TypeLCD

3. BenQ 1080p Business & Education Projector

Editor’s Choice
BenQ 1080p Business & Education Projector

Convenient setup features of the MH560 include a retractable adjustment foot to increase flexibility. Additionally, a vertical keystone will help align the image so you can hold a meeting immediately. With Auto Vertical Keystone, you may project the picture from any angle and get the ideal squared image. Prevents dust buildup, improving device durability and lowering maintenance expenses.

  • Good picture quality
  • High lumens and contrast ratio
  • Strain to eyes

High brightness of 3800 ANSI Lumens and a contrast ratio of 22000:1 produce spectacular visual displays. With HDMI, data transfer is more rapid. Additionally, dual HDMI provides extended connection and multiplatform support. Exclusive Data Review Mode displays each letter and number. SmartEco Mode extends bulb life to 15000 hours while reducing lamp power consumption by up to 70%. Easy setup and quick image alignment are made possible by the ergonomic retractable foot and auto vertical keystone.

Special FeatureSpeakers
Connector TypeVGA, USB, HDMI
Screen Resolution1920 x 1080
Display Resolution Maximum1920×1080 Pixels

4. ViewSonic PX701-4K 4K

Best Dynamic Projector
ViewSonic PX701-4K 4K

The ViewSonic PX701-4K projector offers excellent Ultra HD quality at an affordable price for an amazing home entertainment experience. Although this projector’s real 4K resolution and HDR capabilities make it excellent for viewing movies, users will also appreciate its minimal input latency of 4.2ms and 240Hz refresh rate for casual gaming.

  • Good picture quality
  • Very bright in dynamic mode 
  • Not native 4K
  • Fan kicks in loud 

This projector offers dazzling pictures and immersive sounds in almost any space thanks to its 3200 lumens and room-filling sound. Four-corner adjustment, an automated horizontal and vertical keystone function, and a flexible arrangement of images up to 300 inches are provided. By adding a dongle, you can live stream sporting events right into your living room, binge Netflix programs, or watch the newest Disney+ movies.

You can set up your PX701-4K in more locations than before, including curved surfaces, thanks to its 1.1x optical zoom, anti-warping stability, and automated vertical and horizontal keystoning. With SuperEco mode, you may save energy, prolong bulb life, and get up to 20,000 hours of brightness. It amounts to more than ten years with a daily viewing period of five hours.

Special FeatureHDR Content Support, Bright Images in Any Environment, Stunning 4K Ultra HD Resolution, Responsive Gameplay, Long Lamp Life, 3,200 ANSI LumensHDR Content Support, Bright Images in Any Environment, Stunning 4K Ultra HD Resolution, Responsive Gameplay, Long Lamp Life, 3,200 ANSI Lumens 
Connector TypeUSB
Screen Resolution3840 x 2160
Display Resolution Maximum2160 Pixels

5. Miroir HD PRO M289 Full HD Projector

Best Wireless Projector
WANBO X1 Android 9 Projector

Up to 2 hours of projection time on a battery. It has DLP Advanced semiconductor technology from Texas Instruments for streaming in movie quality. 20,000 Hours of projected life from LED bulbs. Up to 2 hours of viewing time on a battery.

  • Great picture quality
  • Good brightness
  • Remote not included

Two 2W speakers are integrated for portable sound everywhere. To see the material, join any HDMI source. An Apple Digital AV Adapter is necessary for some Apple products. The MIroir M289 HD Pro FULL HD 1080p Portable Projector was created with presentations and movies in mind, making it ideal for big events. The M289 offers the movie experience wherever and can display 400 LED lumens on screens up to 100 inches while being compact enough to carry in your luggage or backpack.

Connector TypeUSB, HDMI
Screen Resolution1920 x 1080
Display Resolution Maximum1920 x 1080 Pixels
Display TypeDLP


A home theater projector is better than a commercial projector if you want the greatest movie-watching experience possible. The user of the home theater projector receives stunning image quality with deep blacks, strong contrast, and rich saturation. The optimal environment for these projectors is one with adjustable lighting. Select a projector with 4K resolution that supports HDR and has a good contrast ratio.

When the contrast ratio is high, you can see crisper images of numbers, photographs, text, graphs, or videos. The home entertainment experience may be improved with a home theater system with a video projector as its focal point. But resist the urge to purchase anything that is being advertised or is on sale.

Depending on the parameters above, video projector costs might range substantially from several hundred to several thousand dollars. You must also consider the expense of a screen, which ranges in price similarly to a projector unless you are projecting into a wall.

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Which projector is best for Netflix?

Some of the best projectors for Netflix are BenQ HT2050A, Optoma CinemaX P2, Anker Nebula Capsule, and Epson Home Cinema 5050UB.

Can you stream through a projector?

Some smart projectors also come preloaded with streaming apps like Netflix and HBO. Once you’ve logged into your account, you can start watching your favorite streaming content on the “big screen.”

What is the best projector on the market?

Some of the best projectors in the market are Epson EB-E01 XGA Projector, EGate i9 Pro-Max Full HD LED Projector, Egate K9 Android LED Projector, and ViewSonic PX701 HD-3500 Lumens Projector.

Are 4K projectors worth it?

4K is superior in quality, details, sharpness, and all other aspects you look for in creating your home cinema experience. Nowadays, it doesn’t have to be an expensive investment, as 4K projectors are increasingly more affordable.

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