5 Of The Best Affordable Projectors in India

Projectors may be considered the slightly superior method of viewing things. Projectors are used in everything from school presentations to college lectures and office meetings in today’s digitalized environment. Projectors are gradually being regarded as a superior alternative to television, both professionally and educationally. Why limit yourself to forty-inch screens when a projector provides a near-home-theatre experience? Surely, purchasing a projector is the better option?

5 Of The Best Affordable Projectors in India

Customers have a plethora of options thanks to the twenty-first century. This is both a blessing and a curse. While the abundance of options is admirable, it often makes selecting the best option challenging.

We have a list of projectors that fall under the list of the best affordable projectors that you can find in our market that is cheap and affordable.


List of the best affordable projectors

1. Zync S2 Mini LED Projector

Best LED Projector
Zync S2 Mini LED Projector

ABS material of high quality, with tight quality control. The Zync S2 Mini LED projector has a built-in miniature speaker: Ultrasonic welding technology, despite its small size, produces a loud effect. LED lamps have a life expectancy of over 20000 hours and should never be replaced.

  • Affordable
  • Offers a good brightness
  • Easily portable
  • Pixelated display

The Zync S2 is an excellent solution for converting your space into a home theater and video game room in a dark setting. Short focus optical lens with new design: focuses at a distance of 50CM. The image edge distortion correction improves image homogeneity greatly. It’s quite easy to transport; you can easily fit it into a backpack or luggage without taking up too much space, and you can even put it in a drawer or cabinet.

  • Brand Zync
  • Connector Type HDMI
  • Screen Resolution 800 x 480
  • Display Resolution Maximum 1080p Full HD Pixels
  • Display Type LCD

2. EGate i9 Pro-Max 1080p Native Full HD Projector

Editor’s Choice
EGate i9 Pro-Max 1080p Native Full HD Projector

The projector at the top of the list is the EGate i9 Pro-Max. There are a few different options to attach this compact, lightweight projector, including a tripod and a single screw in the ceiling. It is possible to project both in front of and behind. You can manually adjust the focus level or use Keystone Correction to change the projection angle by 15 degrees in the vertical direction for a better viewing experience.

  • Affordable
  • Offers a good brightness
  • No heating
  • Speaker volume is low

When we have our eyes close together, wide-angle viewing is easier and more enjoyable. Because of this, the i9 Pro-Max has a native and typical 16:9 widescreen ratio. Cinemascope, or 70mm film with a 16:9 aspect ratio, has long since replaced other film formats in the film business. Using a home theatre projector like the i9 Pro-Max Full HD, you can simulate the theatre experience in your living room. This state-of-the-art home projector boasts breathtaking image clarity, brilliant ambient light, vivid colors, and a good contrast ratio. This suggests that you can get a large viewing screen for a lot less money than a large TV.

  • Image Brightness ‎3300
  • Resolution ‎Pixels
  • Wattage ‎55 Watts
  • Hardware Interface ‎VGA, USB, HDMI
  • Resolution ‎Full HD 1080p
  • Compatible Devices ‎Ceiling Mount
  • Display Technology ‎LED
  • Display Type ‎LCD
  • Aspect Ratio ‎16:9
  • Screen Resolution ‎1280 x 720

3. Zebronics Zeb-Pixa Play 15 Projector

Best Home Theater Projector
Zebronics Zeb-Pixa Play 15 Projector

The Zebronics Zeb-Pixa Play 15 projector is a rapidly growing device that is rapidly gaining attention for its exceptional capabilities. The complete 1080p Smart LED projector has a maximum screen size of 457cm and is ideal for the “Bring Home the Theater” experience.

  • 3400 Lumens Bright output
  • Quad Core Processor & 8GB built-in Storage
  • Multiple Connectivity
  • 30,000 Hours Lifelong LED Lamp
  • Cannot cast screen

Experience ZEB-PIXAPLAY 15 the smart way, with WiFi / Bluetooth v5.1 connectivity and Android 9.0 OS support. 3400 Lumens produces a brighter image with richer colours and greater visual detail. Wireless video and picture streaming from compatible smartphones, tablets, and laptops is supported through Miracast DLNA/Airplay. With Android 9.0 OS support, you may download apps to give your projector setup additional intelligence and variety. The projector has HDMI in, AV in, 2x USB, and AUX out for a choice of connectivity options (speaker). With a 1000:1 contrast ratio and a 30,000H LED lifespan, this projector allows you to watch movies for hours on end.

  • Brightness 3400 Lumen
  • Aspect Ratio ‎16:9
  • Hardware Interface ‎USB, HDMI
  • Screen Resolution ‎1920 x 1080 FHD
  • Resolution ‎Full HD 1080p
  • Image Contrast Ratio ‎1000:1
  • Batteries Required ‎No
  • Refresh Rate ‎60 Hz
  • Connector Type ‎Bluetooth

4.  AGARO AG120 HD Projector

Best HD Projector
 AGARO AG120 HD Projector

The 3000 lux brightness, 1280*720P native resolution, 2000:1 contrast ratio, and 40000 hours of LED lamp life provided by the enhanced LED lighting system are 50% brighter than that of the majority of standard projectors. Allowing you to enjoy our services without anxiety.

  • Good picture quality
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Remote works well
  • Noisy fan

The projector comes with internal memory, and built-in WiFi makes it easier to download your preferred Android app from the Google Play Store. The 3000 lux brightness, 1920x1080P native resolution, 2000:1 contrast ratio, and 50000 hours of LED lamp life provided by the enhanced LED lighting system are 50% brighter than that of the majority of standard projectors. You may connect to your smartphone easily without downloading any apps. An additional lightning to HDMI converter is needed when using IOS devices when Agaro uses a cloth-wrapping procedure to reduce noise and has a modern dual-fan system installed for even better performance and an immersive audio experience. 

  • Model Name AG60
  • Hardware Interface VGA, USB, HDMI
  • Mounting Type Tabletop Mount
  • Brand AGARO
  • Screen Resolution 1280 x 720

5. Boss S12 Full HD Home Theatre Projector

Best Portable Projector
Boss S12 Full HD Home Theatre Projector

The Boss S20A Ultra-HD projector provides clean, vibrant, and bright colour images. Our very own Boss S12 Home Projector allows for superb playback of movies, videos, games, pictures, TV shows, and USB drives. This high-resolution, lightweight projector provides great product performance and a breathtaking movie experience on your screen.

  • Well-reputed
  • Good sound quality
  • No dark spots

    The most recent updated uniform illumination technology ensures the optimum visual experience because no black region will appear on the screen’s edge. The boss projector, unlike other outdoor projectors, has built-in audio speakers that use cutting-edge technology to provide 360° all-around sound effects. The sleek projector, whether put on the ceiling or set up on a desk, provides a high-end feel and style that matches any interior design for a home or workplace. Enjoy vivid colours and razor-sharp graphics in your movies, TV shows, and video games.

    • Lumen 3000
    • Hardware Interface 3.5mm Audio
    • Mounting Type Tabletop Mount
    • Resolution ‎Full HD 1080p
    • Image Contrast Ratio ‎8000:1
    • Screen Resolution ‎1920 x 1080
    • Wattage ‎150 Watts

    Things To Keep In Mind While Buying a Projector

    Contrast ratio

    The contrast ratio is the numerical representation of the difference between light and dark on a screen. The contrast ratio can be estimated by comparing the luminosities of a screen’s darkest black and brightest white. In low-light conditions, a contrast ratio of at least 1,500:1 is considered good, but 2,000:1 or higher is considered exceptional.


    These are critical factors to consider while considering a purchase. A greater resolution provides superior visual quality, as opposed to a lower resolution, which delivers poor visual quality. The number of pixels that can be displayed in a given area determines the resolution of an image when projected. The consumer should research which resolution is most suited to the projector’s intended purpose.


    Before purchasing a projector, it is critical to examine its brightness. Despite the fact that some projectors have a number of unique features, the brightness level may not be perfect. A projector’s brightness is measured in lumens. A minimum of 1500 lumens is required for home entertainment projectors where ambient light is kept to a minimum, whereas 2500 lumens is required for classes and meetings.


    Installation needs to be on point for the whole projector to work seamlessly. If the projector has difficulty in being installed, then its better to go for a different one.


    We have put together a list of some of the best available projectors in the market. The projectors are selected primarily for their affordability, making them some of the cheapest projectors in the market. The price has been correlated with the features offered to the customers and the base functioning of the projectors. We hope you can select the projector best suited to your home and office needs. The features, pros, cons, and features have been provided for your perusal. Also, check out our article on the best budget projectors available in the market.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Which is the cheap and best projector?

    Our vote stands with all the projectors given in the list above. The EGate i9 Pro is unmatched for its price and excellent features. It a solid projector that should serve you well. But if you are looking into any specifics, then we suggest you browse options that match the same.

    2. What is the best affordable portable projector?

    Our list compiles the best projectors that you can get on the market which is affordable and serves the purpose seamlessly. The Zebronics PIXAPLAY and Boss S12 are exceptional projectors that are branded and pocket-friendly.

    3. What’s the best projector for the money?

    Once again, the list contains the list of projectors that are handpicked for their affordability without compromising on the quality.

    4. Are mini projectors worth it?

    If you move frequently and need to present things very often, a good mini projector might just become about the most important thing that you start carrying!

    5. Which is a better projector, DLP or Laser?

    A laser projector is better than a DLP projector. A laser projector has better color production because of its better brightness and is not much affected by ambient light. Also, a laser projector has a longer Life Span that usually lasts for 20,000 hours which is better than the 8,000 Lamp Life of a DLP projector.

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